In-Home Physical Therapy

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In-Home Physical Therapy

In-home physical therapy provides patients with personalized care for a speedy recovery to reclaim their independence and preform their daily tasks in the comfort of their home. Our registered in-home Physical Therapists are extremely knowledgeable and have experience in all types of injuries including orthopedic, musculoskeletal, post-surgical joint replacement rehabilitation and more.

Our Physical Therapists will work closely with your primary care physician as well as our Registered Nurse to develop the best comprehensive plan of care to help you regain your strength, independence and mobility.

Our goal is to return each individual to their independent daily life activities as quickly and safely as possible. Our plan of care may include walking and exercise, home/environment safety knowledge and evaluation, as well as a durable medical equipment use at home. Our Licensed Physical Therapists promote healing, improved movement and function, and help achieve the maximum utility and safety. Our therapists use their knowledge and skills to help relieve pain in extremities and joints of our elderly patients, as well as helping reduce the risk of hospital readmission. We know how important your quality time with family members and friends is, so we work hard with every individual to meet those goals.

In-Home Physical Therapy Is Ideal For:

  •  Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Orthopedic conditions
  •  Muscle and joint injuries
  •  Neurological diseases
  •  Balance and Gait difficulties
  •  Fine motor coordination
  •  Difficulty with activities of daily living
  •  Post-surgical rehabilitation
  •  Fall prevention and home safety education
  •  Personalized home exercise program
  •  Pain management


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In-Home Physical Therapy

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