Tom Corbett Unveils Pennsylvania Medicaid Expansion Plan

tom-corbett-health-care-reform-medicaid-expansionIn light of all the ObamaCare news and panic, we took some time this week to understand how Tom Corbett’s new Medicaid Expansion Plan will affect our patients and their costs. Despite potential resistance from the Obama administration, the plan seems to have gained traction in Pennsylvania and numerous other states because it would extend coverage to many currently uninsured Americans. Here is are some key points from his plan and more details can be found at the source link below. 

Tom Corbett on Monday became the 10th Republican governor to back the expansion of Medicaid, the joint federal-state health program for the poor, under President Barack Obama’s health care law, proposing a set of reforms that would extend health coverage to more residents of the state.

Corbett outlined a plan that includes offering Medicaid to more Pennsylvanians by using private health insurance plans and instituting new requirements for all Medicaid enrollees, such as having them pay monthly premiums and demonstrate they are searching for jobs. The plan must pass the state legislature and also win approval from the federal government.

Under Corbett’s Medicaid plan, all Pennsylvania beneficiaries would have to pay a monthly premium, and healthy, uninsured, low-income people who are out out work would be required to prove they are seeking a job or participate in the state’s job-training programs. Corbett also proposes eliminating most co-payments, such as those for doctor visits, and would offer lower premiums for enrollees who participate in wellness programs. People deemed “medically frail” could receive traditional Medicaid coverage, rather than through the state’s federally-run health insurance exchange.

Corbett’s proposal calls for Medicaid premiums based on income and capped at $25 for a single person and $35 for a family per month, though they may rise over time based on inflation. Obamacare asks states to extend Medicaid to anyone who earns up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $15,282 for a single person this year.

Corbett’s plan could face resistance from the Obama administration, however. The requirement that Medicaid beneficiaries prove they are searching for employment would be unprecedented and is not allowed under federal law, said Joan Alker, executive director of the Center for Children and Families at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute in Washington.

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Article Source – Huffington Post